Bigger photos | Not edited to appear at the new size

  • Since this morning, an hour after publishing my latest photo, all my images are suddenly appearing larger than usual, at the new TE size, while they were never been edited to appear that big.

    The resolution and size are formatted to appear at the same size my images have always been published since I joined this website and I don't want them to appear at a bigger size. There is obviously a glitch in your system.

    Please make an urgent correction, as I will erase my gallery if the problem remains.

    Thank you.
  • I guess they tried to fix the problem which I mentioned in another discussion here. My problem was not fixed but other appeared
  • Hi Mariusz!

    Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate.

    I have read with interest your link and although the problem is different, I can see that there is a lot of struggling with the way photos seem to be resized inadvertently once published on TE.

    It is really frustrating, as after spending hours of post-processing, all the effort are completely destroyed once published.

    I don't understand why the sizes of our photos were correct for 7 years, and now everything is a mess. I have been on the gallery of different members, going back to two years ago, and all photos are now appearing at maximum sizes, which is horrible, as everything is blurred and awkward.

    Maybe it depends on which countries or zones TE is being viewed, considering that other members don't have the same problems.

    It is a very deceiving situation, and I am so tempted to just leave that site for good. Why bigger and more popular websites with numerous quantity of features and functions like Flickr don't have any problems? It's really frustrating.
  • Hello,
    thank you for reporting that.
    The two issues are connected because they are all related to the perceptual resizing happening on the site. Here is what tech team explained to me:

    There are 2 kinds of resizing:
    1. Actual resizing, where the physical image gets changed. This is done on the server and under heavy traffic it can negatively impact server performance.
    2. Perceptual resizing, where CSS tricks the browser into scaling the image downward, even though the full-sized image is 800px or higher. This issue is happening because of perceptual resizing.

    On beta there is no perceptual resizing. It's 800 pixels, and that's the only size allowed. The upside of the approach used on beta is that the image always seems as sharp as it is able to be. But the downside is that if a user resizes their browser to a smaller size, the image doesn't scale downward with it. Or if a user is using a browser with a smaller display, such as a phone or a tablet, he might have to pinch and zoom because the image didn't size down.

    On non-beta, perceptual resizing is being used, because the user interface is so radically different from beta. The images need to fit into a smaller area compared to beta. This can be done either by (A) resizing perceptually, or (B) resizing physically, at the time when the user uploads the image. Option (B) would mean that we need the server to start resizing images to 790px OR 800px.

    Yesterday, in order to solve Mariusz problem reported here- we started resizing the pictures to 800px.
    The only possible downside is that if someone uploads an image that is smaller than 800px, it will now upscale itself to 800px. I believe that is the case reported here...

    Andre, can you please give me the links to the pictures that started appearing larger than usual? Are they smaller than 800px?
  • Hi Alex,

    First, let me thank you sincerely for your intervention.

    My problem was concerning the new Trekearth website only, as I don't have a clue how to access the beta version.

    Since I became a member of this website, I didn't increased the size of my images and kept the same standards. Only this morning, an hour after publishing my latest photo, did I realized that not only the last one, but all photos from my gallery were blown up to the new maximum size, all blurred and affected colorwise.

    Just to make sure it wasn't a problem with a cookie or anything related to my own computer, I checked Trekearth website once at work, only to realize it was the same. Meanwhile, my girlfriend who is also a member of TE (wanda1) checked the website from her university and all the photos from every members were suddenly all blown up.

    But a member of your team might have done the proper intervention, as everything is back to normal and my images are now in their right proportions, and so everyone's else.

    I am grateful that you have answered this new problem diligently and I keep my fingers crossed that it will remain intact from now on. I read on a different thread that each time you were trying to fix one problem, two new ones were popping up. It must be as frustrating for you as much as it is for the users.

    Although it is of a lesser worry, I often receive comments from fellow members mentioning how my photos are looking drab on the new website, compared to the beta version.

    So considering that there is such a big difference of quality from one version to another (beta and new TE), in terms of sharpness, saturation and color faithfulness, is there a way that this issue could also be considered and answered? I am not an IT, but it seems that both versions should be of equal quality, in order to allow our photos to appear at their best.

    For the moment, I am ready to live with this compromise, as long as our images are showing up at the size they are intended to be published.

    This is already appreciated.

    Thank you again and good luck!

  • Hello André,

    thank you for your prompt response.
    Yes, after seeing your post I immediately got in touch with IT team who fixed the problem. Yesterday we tried to help other user- Mariusz- whose photos were resized from 800px to 790px and hence the problem. Now, everything should be fine. Apologies for your inconvenience!
    Regarding the different versions, we leave it up to users which version they prefer to use. Again, on beta version the image always seems as sharp as it is able to be, however if a user resizes their browser to a smaller size, the image doesn't scale downward with it. On non-beta images are being resized to adjust to the user's browser or a phone, or tablet.
    If you cannot decide which one you prefer, you can always use both
    Thank you for all your contributions to TE!
    Warm regards