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  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    Very nice feature I think, have at look at
  • Re: its not working??:(
    As my preceding speaker/writer I get an error message @ after pasting the code.
    the info is as follows:
    <i>"Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] ;>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.] "</i>
  • Re: its not working??:(
    Hi Kevin,

    I did exactly as above instruction, still the Widget Photo Viewer doesn't appear as it should. Could it be on the blog site? mine is in, pls. help me to figure this out.


  • Re: its not working??:(
    I'm also not successful with this. All I get is a thin black bar with
    "See more photos: Robís Pics on TrekEarth".

    My blog is on wordpress where I have set up a separate page tab for this TrekEarth feature:

  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    A pretty cool widget, but at 400 pixels the only place to put it on blogger is down at the bottom of the page where it tends to get lost and not noticed. So I edited the html code to fit it into the side bar (225 pixels seems about right). That makes the pics a bit small, but it doesn't look too bad. If anyone is interested in how that looks, you can check out it out at

    Cheers . . . David
  • Width for Blogger side bar
    Further to my last post about editing the html code to fit the TrekEarth widget into the Blogger sidebar, please use 215 pixels and not 225 pixels - that gives you the same margin on either side of the photo-viewer in the side bar and looks better than 225 pixels which puts the right hand side of the photo-viewer flush with the sidebar. David
  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    the procedure's a bit complicated
    why should I create a theme when there's an account that is mine
    It'd be easier to have the share link on the page with my photos
    so there's no need to check if pictures belong to someone else
    Anyway thank you for the opportunity
  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    thank you very much. my widdget is available and perfect.
  • Adding photos to theme
    For some reason I can't seem to figure out how to add photos to my personal theme. I must be missing something! Ideas/advice/help? Thanks!
  • Re: Adding photos to theme
    That's easy. When you are on a page with a single photo (I mean not on thumbnails page but on a photo page) look at the left hand menu. There are "add to theme" "add to favourites" and other items there. As you ckick on the link you get a theme list. It is devided into two. The top part is "My themes", the bottom one is "Other themes". "My themes" thems are marked as (personal) or (group).