Unable to update profile

  • I've been trying to update my very out of date profile for some time. Still not able to do so.
    What the hell are you doing TE - a simple critical part of the TE community?

    Please, please will someone from TE respond or do something about this problem. I know that lots of other members are havingthe same problem.

  • Hello Ian,

    The only ones who could help you with this technical problem are the admins and tech team in the USA, and they will not be able to read your thread before next Monday.
    Also I moved your thread from General to Feedback & Support.

    The only thing I can do is trying to edit your intro if you send it to me...

    Friendly greetings,
  • Hi Ian, we are aware that this is an issue for several users, but we unfortunately cannot replicate it in any way. I know I've brought this to the techs each time, but there's never an issue that they or I can see.
  • Updating my profile...
    Hello everyone,

    I have also been trying to update my profile for a VERY long time...at least a few months. It seems like you can't find out why this is happening, and that's disappointing. Are we to assume that we will never be able to update our profiles again??

    Please don't give up on this issue; there has to be an answer out there...

    Thank you,
  • Same problem
    Hi Folks!
    Same problem here!
    For months I've been trying to update my profile and have not been able too! It's not that annoying because I'm not visiting this site as much as I used to in the (recente) past, still, maybe, one more reason there are not as many members as there used to be in its glorious past we old members miss so much! Sad!
  • Please, as long as Tech does nothing about our problems, send me your "new intro" and I will change your profile as long as my "edit tool" is working...