Milford Sound HDR

  • As many have suggested, my image of Milford Sound appears overly processed. I will post the three original exposures here, along with a few modified versions as a teaching tool. The following photos are scaled down, but otherwise untouched by the computer unless otherwise stated.

    HDR imaging requires two or more shots of the same subject at the same time, each with a slightly different exposure. Here's the normal, automatically exposed image, as set by the camera.

    This is the normal exposure. Note that the shadows lack detail, and the clouds are slightly overexposed.

    Here's the underexposed exposure (-1.5). Note that this shot brings out a lot of detail in the highlights, but completely obliterates shadow detail.

    This is the overexposed exposure (+1.5). See how the clouds and highlights are overblown, but look at the detail captured in the shadows!

    And here's the HDR image using the HDR Plugin from Photomatix on Apple's Aperture software. The only other thing I did was to straighten the image out. It's a bit too light for my liking, but all the detail is now there.

    Compare the two side by side.

  • This is a re-edited version of the above HDR image. I slightly increased the vibrancy, and added some unmasked sharpening to the whole image, plus some selective sharpening to the ground and mountains.



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