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Old 11-22-2011, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ChrisJ View Post
First critique ChrisJ 2011-11-18 0:40
Last critique ChrisJ 2011-11-18 3:29

Total critiques made 18 Total comments NIL

First critique ChrisJ 2011-11-17 0:55
Last critique ChrisJ 2011-11-17 6:59

Total critiques made 19 Total comments NIL

18 critiques again today.

First ChrisJ 2011-11-19 1:01
Last ChrisJ 2011-11-19 4:14
Total critiques made 18 Total comments NIL

19 critiques again today Nov 20

First critique ChrisJ 2011-11-20 0:57
Last critique ChrisJ 2011-11-20 7:43

Total critiques made 19 Total comments NIL
Originally Posted by vasilpro View Post
Today I had only 17 green faces, yesterday only 18!!!
Originally Posted by jlbrthnn View Post
Same problem for me
As to all of these cases, have you read my post on this issue here:


What time zone are you in? If you are not in PST, you must count the number of smileys you are allowed to post per day according to PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, *not* your local time, beginning at 1am PST.

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Old 11-22-2011, 11:35 PM
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are those times are AM? or PM? or standard time?

On China, this script will run approximately at 4 pm. The time ranges that you mentioned:
0:55 - 6:59, 1:01 - 4:14, and 0:57-7:43 include the 4pm time (I'm assuming they are PM).

In lay man terms, if you post critiques 17 post before 4 pm, then the refresh script will run at 4pm, so you will have 20 critiques available at that instant. Then, if you post a critique right after 4pm, you'll be using next day's points.
The next day, you try to critique 19 post before 4 pm, but the system won't allow you to critique the 20th because you already used that critique the day before.

This is happening due to the very different timezones many TE users have.
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Old 11-23-2011, 08:02 AM
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Default Insufficient Critiques

Hi Paul

But in any given 24-hour period, beginning at 1am PST, you are allotted 20 critiques.

As previously advised I am NOT being allocated 20 critiques, but only permitted 18 or 19, regardless of Pacific Standard Time.

1am PST must be around 4:30 pm east China time, as that is when I am allowed to start critiquing each day. For November 22, I again was only allocated 19 critiques. I have been using ALL of them, every day, so there is no cancellation of the previous day's critiques allocation.

In almost every instance in the past week I have used up all 18-19 critiques between 4:30 pm & 10pm the same day. So no I am not trying to critique between 4 pm & 4:30 pm China time, as there are none left to use!

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Old 11-23-2011, 07:27 PM
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We have added a ticker that shows how many critiques you have remaining in the day and the number of hours until your queue of 20 refreshes. Look for it at the bottom of the Add Critique box.

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