Please help me to activate my original account

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  • But I have not received a new password mail. And I still get
    'This email address is not associated with any TrekEarth account.'
  • Hello Porteplume, I have fixed the admin tool that allows you to edit profiles. Same bug that prevented other users from self-editing.

    Send msg to Joel if there are other similar admin areas for me to look at.

    Thanks, Brendan
  • Brendan, it works again, you really are AN ENGEL!
    Thank you,

    * I have changed Kari’s mail address and send him a new password reminder, let’s hope that will work for him too!
  • I just saw Kari could log in his “old” account!

  • Now it works!
    This just shows that you shouldn't give up too easily. I hope not many members have not left this site due to this kind of problems.
    - Kari
  • Same issue
    Dear All,
    I have the same issue and can no longer access to my TE account. It is associated with an old, inaccessible email. Could you please change my email to lienertc at live dot com so I can reset my TE password (or send my a reset password link)? Would love to upload new content to my TE account. Thanks, Chris