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The other members have already provided excellent answers to this question and it is something I think about now and then too. There are a few more I'd like to throw on to the wisdom already listed here.

1- I am enjoying where I live now very much, but started skipping going to events I've already seen before - parades, displays or some cultural events. I can now take a new angle with a camera in hand to these activities. The things that I began to take for granted, I try to learn to see again.

2- Why do people climb mountains? There are things we do that require skill and practice, but really don't get us anywhere except for that feeling of reaching the top. When I take a look at a great slide image or processed a digital file I've created, I get that feeling. Don't you?

3- I appreciate the quality of a good machine. The shutter in my SLRs, the feel in the hand of a fine tool, is something along the feelings cavemen had for good spears. This feeling also has me looking in the shop windows at old Leica cameras and the like with considerations of going back to film.

4- While I can not share my stories with friends and relatives who do not speak the same languages, I can share images.

5- I have seen improvement in my work. So much so, that I find it harder and harder to post new images that meet my newfound standards. This brings me back to point number 1 about revisting places and events to do them right.
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