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Default To holmertz: Fear of the foreigner

Hi Gert, you are right and generally the kids are more curious than afraid, but this hamlet was so isolated and so high up that to tell you the truth, I was also intimidated and a bit ashamed to trouble their tranquility ; I did not remain that long either as we could not exchange a word, just smiles...

I was not that surprised by their reactions, my arriving there was really an accident and maybe had they really NEVER seen a foreigner before (and no TV in the huts).

The children were divided about my presence : I could have more contact with the group on the right later on but the ones on the left were absolutely transfixed, terribly shy ; I tried to smile more to the little one in green but having no adult close to her to give her reassurance, as soon as I was getting closer she stepped backward so I did not insist. Nonetheless, they followed all my movements from the distance !

Thank you for your visit and have a good day,
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