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Default Re: Beyong the obvious (blog)

I must admit that I hadn't noticed this detail in the "Terms of use" (link here: )

But it sure confirms my decision for a "time-out" from TE as I in no way is interested in loosing all rights to my work as a prize of posting photos at TrekEarth where it now seems as the owners Internet Brands is behind a rather unethical way of operating vs. commercial use of our work.

Probably I will need to think about if a "time-out", originally for awaiting better information and communicating from the owners, should be extended to a complete deletion of my close to 1000 posted photos. I hesitate both for the work behind those photos but also of respect for people who have used their time to shown interest in their comments and critics.

I'll integrate this forum post and your link in my project page
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