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Thanks for your "critiques" Alex, but that didn't solve the problem, or should I say "oddity".

Yesterday I posted one photo and added two workshops, I wrote 20 critiques and a few replies to critiques I had received. During the day these were recorded under my "recent activity" headline. Today I am back to "no recent activities". This happens all the time, every morning I'm back to zero.

I had a look at the "recent activities" of Marie-Louise (maloutim), who has six critiques registered today, but she actually wrote ten critiques yesterday. So it's not quite solved for her either, it's just wrong in a different way.

On the TE homepage we are invited to "get to know the members". So I checked them up today. One of them had ten critiques written in 2009 registered as "recent activities", wheras what I did yesterday is not "recent".

As I said when I started the thread this is not really important. I just find it strange. If you can't solve it, never mind.

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