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Originally Posted by worldcitizen View Post
I know exactly what you mean...there seems to be little connection between the beta and regular versions of TE at the moment. We can't click on the forums and see the most current messages as we used to; we can't see critique relies like we used to, etc.

The search functions are also still extremely messed up in the beta version. I realistically can't add links for all the troubles, since there are dozens!

Can't the tech team run through the site and assess the troubles? It seems that with members posting messages in bits and pieces, these problems won't be resolved for a long time.

I understand that the tech team is very busy, and I appreciate their hard work, but it is still frustrating...

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Hello Brenda,
Generally if we fix one issue many others are fixed too. If you find an error, and would like to have it fixed, please add the link.
Thank you,
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