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Default Re: Laos vs. Myanmar/Burma

I've only been to Laos once. With only a week I might stay around LP, wander out to some village areas for some shooting. I didn't find much in Vientiane, but I did miss a noted temple complex outside town. I don't think it was in the 'book' at the time, so maybe....

Myanmar. One week? I'd head quickly to Bagan. Lots of temples, lots of ruins, good local color if you get a bike and ride out of town. Magic light during the Golden Hours.

Return to Yangon a couple of days before it's time to leave. One can easily spend a day shooting/visiting the major sites in Yangon, take a ferry ride, and visit Bago.

You might consider both weeks in Myanmar and work in your beach time there.

Yunnan - can't help, been almost 20 years since I've visited.

But filter all that through the type of pictures you like to make.
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