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Default Laos vs. Myanmar/Burma

Hey there,

I 'm calling to all S.E.Asia seasoned travelers.

I'll take 2 weeks holidays in feb and will, as usual, trip around SEA. I HAVE to take a week to bother all sorts of fish underwater and swim after squids or seaslugs but I'm wondering where to go for the week after. As I might be in Thailand, my plans were either go to Laos or Burma for a week, but writing this I'm also considering China/Yunnan, Kunming, Xishuanbanna (name sounds good...).
But, remember, I've only got one week left...what would you recommend if I go to ...

Laos : I'd be arriving L-Prabang, is it essential to go to Vientiane area or would my photo needs be fulfilled in LP region...

Burma : entry airport is always Yangon, is it worth spending only 1 week in Burma, if yes where to go?

Yunnan : where to go in 1 week?

Thanks everybody for the feedback, tips and advices on places to go welcome.

PS to Adam : Adam, I was wondering where to put this message as it is not a "trek" as i'm not asking anyone to join, my questions have little to do with photo technique and this is not general enough, this is an implicit goal of TE of encouraging travels (the "sine qua non" of travel photo)but there's nowhere to ask for travel tips...another thread category maybe?
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