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Default TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues


Thanks alot for your participation, it's been great to see not only your support but most of all your doubts, questions, ideas and contributions... it's great to see that this is indeed a true community project.

It's time to start thinking about money related issues, until now all project is based in the pré-orders inside TE and TE members.

- 21usd (printing cost) for minumum 300 copies (average of 2 copies per member)
- Please contact Isabelle (Isable Abreu) to request your copies.

But we may find extra money sources to help us here... donations, sponsors... what-so-ever.

with this we can:
- Drop the price even more, allowing more sales.
- Keep the prices but host more members. (more than 300 pages)
- Keep the prices and donate some part to charity.

It's really up to us, but we can contact some companies and others to explore this.

With this threat i expect once more your active participation, not only throwing your ideas but also using your knowledge to get some help.

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