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Hi Sean,

First off all, your name "Pentax", you were the first to choose this one. Unique, most likely could have been taken already, but you are the one who got it. I had to write this first after reading the replies.
"You'll only understand when you see it" (Johan Cruiff)

One of the things I'd like to add is my, still unmentioned, reason. After many years the only remains of things you've done and seen are your memmories and most likely your photos. For example, a vacation, the wine was good but finished, the local crafted object broken in de dustbin, the nice body-tan repainted by various other occasions and the moments you still do remember have did fade a bit.

So it's very nice to have photos, so you, and maybe who is with you can take a look at them and enjoy or TALK about it, each of you with another vision, memmory or feeling about it. I also went up the Eiffel tower in Paris, asked my wife to marry me (I know, I know) and took my pictures of that moment. I won't forget that moment, but I still did not see any other pictures like the ones I have. They're unique! TE, and others, help me, and maybe I them, to make the best out of it and share the passion of life.

And! I don't like the saying: "What's the point?" Make your presence, show the world you ARE. I try to "score" a smile each day, to myself, my wife, people around me, and all the others I can get to. That's my goal.

Just like your posting, you stired the world in 4 continents so far, the replies are proof of that. I learned a lot reading the replies, some the best advices people can give. To me, one of the best threads in this forum. The text in the replies are proof that: "Photography goes beyond just taking photos."

Please, do show some photos, tell your own story, you never know where it will get you to.

That's the point! And you did it by posting your question! Thank you for starting this thread. You brought me to a higher level.
And, You made me smile!

"This moment -also- listening to Crashtest Dummies"
sorry for the crappy english ;-)
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