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Default Re: To sabyasachi_d: how green is your smilie...

i didnt ask u to remove the picture. but it hardly tells a story if left alone without the note.
and i never said taht i dont sympathise with whatever bad things happening around. We are not supposed to post gory stuff here, but we still can make certain suggestive shots. i know it would probably be tough to get the sufferings frozen, but that would have done the job. and with a touching note that u have written, am sure a lot more people will come and appreciate for a daily life docu like that.
hope u have heard of nandigram? i have been there. and shot so many people crying, or just sitting at the doorstep with blank eyes waiting for someone to get back home. i shot the buildings set on fire, and the protesters carrying flags and 'tangi','kaste' in their hand. but whenever i think of posting them, something stops me. maybe am wrong. but i feel i shouldnt be showing this suffering. this is private.
but what about that frame??
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