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Default Re: To Darren...

I never said theft is OK in my eyes, you are intentionally misreading what I have said. you got what you wanted, your asking rate, which means you have come out ahead financially, yet you are still pulling your photos from the net and I just don't understand that at all. First of all, stealing images is NOT the same as stealing money or hard goods. You are not hurt by the theft of your images. Your family can still eat, you can still go on with your life. In fact, were you not to know, your life wouldn't be changed whatsoever. Theft of money or hard goods is a different thing.

Now, in a fit of righteous fury, you have pulled your images from the net completely. What benefit has that given you? None that I can think of at all. People, including friends and strangers won't be able to see small vignettes of your life. You have removed the chance of profitting financially and in other ways from your photos and you have lessened your presence in cyberspace. Please tell me where you have benefitted from what you have done. I just can't see it at all. All I have seen is a loss for you. A loss stemming from where you were wronged, no doubt, but not where you were really harmed.

All you are doing is living in a culture of fear. You are scared that someone might use what is yours, even when it doesn't physically or financially hurt you and it only hurts you emotionally if you let it. How is letting fear control what you do a benefit to you at all? One might see a parallel in this certain acts put into place by govt's who have very successfully worked people's fear to the gov'ts benefit.

You owe me an apology though. Nowhere have I said that THEFT is OK in my eyes. That is insulting and only shows that you didn't read what I wrote. I said that while it sucks (my words), you are not hurt by it and you have in fact benefitted from it. Even after benefitting, you have pulled your images. That is your choice, of course.

As for your legal solid ground; well I doubt you have contacted a lawyer about how solid.
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