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Default Re: Stolen images on TE

It sucks that you have had them stolen, there is no doubt about that. However, you have weakened your case greatly IMO by in turn posting the CD covers on your flickr account; I am not a lawyer, but my guess is that what you are now doing is on very shakey ground. Stuff like this should be dealt with privately and dealing with it like you have has probably reduced how much they might owe you greatly. It might feel good to "out" the guilty party, but in the end I really doubt it has helped you at all.

Now, anytime we post anything on the net, we are putting ourselves at risk. However, with the negative comes a positive. I have made a number of image sales because of TE and those sales most certainly would not have come without the risk of posting in the first place. I have more money in my bank account now because of TE, even though some of my photos have been used illicitely too. When they have been used, a simple email has taken care of things for the most part. Unless you are a highly in demand stock photographer for whom exclusivity is paramount, I doubt that you are better off financially or even emotionally by not posting your photos. Those who are using them, must like your photos, for an amateur even that might be a positive.

I guess I just don't understand why people get so up in arms when their photos are used without permission. Usually, it is either easy enough to have them removed and sometimes we benefit financially too. In pulling all images, all we are doing is relegating the photos to a virtual shoe box under the bed. I can't understand how that is good.
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