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Default Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues

Hello Mario! Good to see a lot of activity around the TE-book. It must be a lot of work to bring this to a success and I appreciate the time and effort that you and the rest of the team are putting into the realisation of this great plan!

Unfortunately I don't have any friends that own bookstores, but for sponsorships I was thinking about parties that are directly or indirectly involved in the TE-website.

I would say that travel agencies might be a good target. But as TE is such a global community, local/national agencies are probably not very much interested (worth a try though). Perhaps it's better to focus on international travel publications (Rough Guide, Lonely Planet etc.) and equipment suppliers (Nikon, Canon, etc.). And don't forget Lowepro as they are supplying equipment bags and photo-backpacks! And perhaps also the internet provider that hosts the TE-site?

Well, this is just a start. If I can think of other sponsors I'll let you know!

Cheers, Michael.
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