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Default Changes to sizes of displayed images on TE.....

Hello Mariusz and Aleksandra,

I thought I had best add some comments here as it was I who made those comments on Mariusz's last photograph.

In times gone by, there was a prescribed limit on the maximum sizes of pictures submitted to TE, namely 800 x 800 pixels with a maximum file size of 300Kb. Then, probably about a year or two ago, permitted image sizes increased dramatically and members were allowed to post images of huge sizes - up to something like 3000 x 3000 pixels and a file size of a massive 5Mb.

Some people took advantage of these new limits whereas others (like Mariusz) preferred to stick with the old limits. The problem then arose that, whatever the size of the image posted by the photographer, it could be seen at full size on "beta" TE but, on the newer version of TE, images were "shrunk" to only 800 pixels wide.

That, of course, didn't really matter for images posted at 800 pixels in width because they were still displayed at full size on the new version of TE. However, over probably the last three or four months, the new TE site has started to shrink all images to just 790 pixels wide and it is quite remarkable just how much degradation in image quality seems to occur when an image is reduced by the site from 800 to 790 pixels in width - as can be seen on Mariusz's photograph here.

This is all slightly annoying but there are, however, some ways to get around it. One option is simply to stick to using the older, "beta" version of TE where images are all displayed at full size. I know that many longstanding members use "beta" TE exclusively - people like Malgorzata (emka), Gunnar (saxo042) and John (jhm) - and never look at the "new" version. Unfortunately the "beta" version has recently started to be plagued with annoying pop-up advertisements which makes it a little less attractive.

The other option (which I tend to employ) is to use the new version of TE, look at a picture then right-click on it to reveal "Properties" and, from that, copy the image's url and paste it into another tab or window of my browser when the image will be displayed at full size. Incidentally, I use IE9 as my browser.

I'm not sure if my comments are of any use or any interest but I should be pleased to add more if you wish!

Kind Regards,

John (tyro).
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