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Hi IBAlex,
The problem was brought to my attention by John (tyro), which means that he noticed that first with his photos = not happening only to me.

In the text below I distinguish between beta-TE and main-TE (not beta).

Everybody noticed that pictures uploaded in a bigger size preserve their original size in beta-TE but are decreased to 800 px in main-TE. At the same time 800px versions on main -TE were having decreased sharpness. It is normal when one decrease the size automatically. That is why many people were adding in their note a link to beta-TE where the sharpness was as in the original uploaded photo.

Because I used mainly the main-TE I decided to stick to 800px thus avoiding the decrease of size and loss of sharpness.

Today tyro in the comment to my photo here:
click here to see it brought to my attention that the photos on TE are now decreased to 790px.

What I did:
1. click on my photo mentioned in the link above, and save it on the desktop. 2. Open it with default windows program for photos in the actual size.
3. compare this photo side by side with the photo opened on TE website side by side.
4. Pat attention to the size on the screen -it is bigger in the windows program than on TE website.
5. Pay attention to the sharpness: it is crispy sharp open in windows program and a bit blurry on TE website.

Conclusion: although saved on computer photo preserved 800px and its quality. It is displayed on TE wesite with decreased size and thus quality.
Kind regards,
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