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Default Re: Digital? Great?

Well, for starters, keep your husband away from the computer ;^). But the only way to prevent this is regular backups. Yes, I know, easy to say, harder to do. While full system backups are a good idea, XP can't do it, by design. You didn't say what system you are using.

Beyond that, try to keep all data in one place, i.e. all data for everyone goes into this folder, no exceptions. Making sub folders in the data folder (or drive, or partition [my method]) is Ok, but keep it all together. That way if you backup that one folder, you are sure of getting all the data. You don't have to remember to adjust your backup system for a long time. Depending on how much data, CD's, DVD's, or even an external hard drive would be useful.

However, do not use any proprietary backup formats. If it requires special software to do the restore, stay away from it. I've seen clients burned by this when the restore software install disks are lost or ruined and the manufacturer is out of business or charges you up the whazoo (they know you're desperate, never mind the time delay in starting recovery) and the only working copy was on the hard drive that just died.

As an alternative for pictures, you can get prints made of the good ones, and the cost isn't much more than regular one-hour developing where I live (or do it over the internet). Since you only have the best ones made into prints, overall, it can be effectively cheaper than film.

Finally, if you are doing something and accidentally delete some files, STOP USING THE COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY. Turn it off and call in someone who can help. This will greatly increase the chance of recovery. If the hard drive is making funny noises, stop using it immediately too.
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