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Default To talikf: Return of Tali!

Hi Tali,

Thank you so much for your kind comments!

To tell you the truth, thereís only two PP that Iíve made on this photo; first, my sensor was full of dirt, since I was changing my lenses all the time in the desert and dusty streets, so I had to erase these undesirable spots in Photoshop.

The other PP Iíve made, Iíve learned it from you! Iíve sharpened the image for the web... At the beginning, I was so naive that I was posting my dull photos the way they were.

So thatís it. The rest is all about waking up early and running to catch the rising sun.

By the way Tali, Iím leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I just hope that I will be able to get a nice overview image of the city from the Signature Room at John Hancock building like you did. Iím still wandering how did you get your morning shot, since the lounge only open for diner...


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