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thank you for reporting that.
The two issues are connected because they are all related to the perceptual resizing happening on the site. Here is what tech team explained to me:

There are 2 kinds of resizing:
1. Actual resizing, where the physical image gets changed. This is done on the server and under heavy traffic it can negatively impact server performance.
2. Perceptual resizing, where CSS tricks the browser into scaling the image downward, even though the full-sized image is 800px or higher. This issue is happening because of perceptual resizing.

On beta there is no perceptual resizing. It's 800 pixels, and that's the only size allowed. The upside of the approach used on beta is that the image always seems as sharp as it is able to be. But the downside is that if a user resizes their browser to a smaller size, the image doesn't scale downward with it. Or if a user is using a browser with a smaller display, such as a phone or a tablet, he might have to pinch and zoom because the image didn't size down.

On non-beta, perceptual resizing is being used, because the user interface is so radically different from beta. The images need to fit into a smaller area compared to beta. This can be done either by (A) resizing perceptually, or (B) resizing physically, at the time when the user uploads the image. Option (B) would mean that we need the server to start resizing images to 790px OR 800px.

Yesterday, in order to solve Mariusz problem reported here- we started resizing the pictures to 800px.
The only possible downside is that if someone uploads an image that is smaller than 800px, it will now upscale itself to 800px. I believe that is the case reported here...

Andre, can you please give me the links to the pictures that started appearing larger than usual? Are they smaller than 800px?
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