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It may be happening for a while now, I am not as active on TE anymore. For larger photos than 800px I noticed that as soon as the large size was allowed, but for 800px I cannot tell for sure. May be tyro will be able to tell the time, he brought it to my attention. I will ask him to participate in this discussion.
This is a fragment of what tyro wrote under my recent photo:

2014-06-13 5:16
I see that TE is now reducing all photographs to only 790 pixels wide - even this one which you posted at just 800 pixels wide. I find that this drastically reduces image quality and this photograph of yours really doesn't look nearly so sharp here as it does at its full size, even although it's not been reduced by very much at all.
I know some people (including Malgo and Gunnar and probably a few others) still use the "beta" version of TE exclusively. Do you use the "beta" version? Perhaps that would be a good idea for all of us.

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