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Default decreasing photo size without resharpening

I keep uploading photos at 800 width but, as tyro mentioned to me under my last photo, they appear as 790 means my photos are automatically decreased without re-sharpening which means that all photos appear as less sharp than we upload them. Re-sharpening photos after decreasing their size is one of the most important tricks to keep them at the high quality. That is what we teach the newcomers. I would suggest not to reduce the 800px photos or if so you should re-sharpen them afterwards. I decided to avoid 1000 or 1200px to avoid being decreased by main TE site and avoid switching between beta and main site (or switching view photo and main site) but now even 800 are being decreased!

I have downloaded my recent photo opened it and then compared with the one directly on TE website and the downloaded appears bigger and sharper (and still 800px).

So photos on the main TE will now all have the decreased quality?

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