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I love NeatImage as well Adrian, and I agree it can make a world of difference with the right shots. In many cases I do find it obscures details more than I would like, or it just makes things too smooth looking. I think if you decide the effect of Neat Image is too much there are at least two, probably many more ways of reducing it. What I often do is to run Neat Image on a photo, then open the neat imaged version and ad it as a layer over the original. From here, you can either use the erase tool (with varying opacity and flow) to erase away the spots where Neat Image has taken too much effect. Also, you can adjust the opacity and fill of the layer itself to dial in the desired effect. I have never tried it, but I am also quite certain you could use parts of the layer selectively in very much the same way I wrote about in my posting on selective sharpening. Again, I am sure there are many, many more ways to expand on NeatImage's use. It is a great tool, and since the basic version is free, I don't know why everyone wouldn't have the program available on his/her computer.
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