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Hi Alex,

This "problem" started approximately on October 10. It has remained since then, with a lot of inconsistencies.

Today, before 1 AM Pacific time, I looked at a few well known members who had posted new pictures during the last hour or so. "Nicou" had posted 1 photo and written 20 critiques on December 3, European and Pacific time. "No recent activity" registered. The same thing after 1 AM.

"jhm" posted 1 photo, wrote 20 critiques. "No recent activity" before or after 1 AM.

"InasiaJones", on the other hand, had posted 1 picture on December 3 and had 10 recent activities registered, going back several days, maybe weeks. This is how it used to be for everyone before October 10.

"Ourania" had posted 1 photo and written 13 critiques. "No recent activity".

Personally I was suprised to find I had 7 recent activities registered (which hasn't happened for a long time), but I actually wrote 13 critiques on December 3, so it still wasn't quite correct.

I hope this will be of some assistance.

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