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Default Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...

Bonjour Jack,

It is a very attractive offer you're making, there are 3,298 members today on TE? ;o)

We are very lucky to be able to go some 5 weeks to Scandinavia this Summer.
Leaving May 26th, we plan to celebrate a wedding in Eskilstuna of two internet friends in Sweden. She is Dutch, he is Swedish, both members of the same site as I do, they met on the net... ;o)

It's not quite sure when the ceremony will be held, so we don't know yet in which periode we will visit Norway again. But I'll take contact with you later to make sure we can meet. And maybe visit you at your cottage. We also have a friend we want to visit in Bergen and another in Oslo.
We have to be back on July 4th at least.

Amicalement - Viviane
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