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dear admin. so, what exactly do you call "abuse of system"? the fact that i (for example) on one day write 40 critiques, because on that particular day i feel inspiration to write more than the aloted 20 (it's possible i do not come back for more writing for a week or two due to time constraints), and come back the next day just to add points the critiques that i left pointless the previous day? in what sense is this an ABUSE OF SYSTEM?? the total number of pointed critiques per day does not change... i just wrote them all on one day (and, honestly, i do not feel it's anybody's business that i did it that way), whereas the points got distributed over two days.

abuse of system? in my view, this whole schenanigan is just plain ridiculous. as someone noted earlier: there are no rewards (that we know) neither financial nor expressed in any other form for having many points; neither there are any danger to our well being for having few or no points.



"We will be implementing a tech feature in the near future, that will lock posts in Critiques and Comments 15 minutes after posting. When you post Critiques and Comments on photos, you will have 15 minutes to change what you've written before the posting is locked. This is to prevent abuse of the system.

This won't affect the amount of time you have to compose your post...take as long as you like!"
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