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avene 06-04-2009 04:22 PM

To fulvio52: Utah
hi Don :)
I'm sure you felt your name being mentioned repeatedly during last week :) we were telling ourselves that now we see why you love the place so much.
I'm sure by now you have read all our whining stories about bad weather and crowds of tourists, but they only mean we are going back to Utah some time in near future (I hope).


fulvio52 06-04-2009 05:02 PM

Re: To fulvio52: Utah
I recall having similar feelings the first time I ever set foot in Utah, the weather was good but I was taken aback by those crowds... well, I sort of got used to them now. I might still get into a fight with those morons once in a while, but on the average they don't freak me out the way they used to. Plus : the words "serious hiking" are enough to freak THEM out, making most uphill trails usually MORON-FREE & scarcely populated. There are exceptions (like Angels Landing at Zion) but on the average you'll be alone for the most part and... happily so! See ya later & looking forward to your next posts! HUGS,

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