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Kolyamour 03-06-2006 03:20 PM

Olympus E system
Hi to all!

I plan to by a new camera and can't make a choice between Olympus E1 and Olympus EVOLT E500. These cameras have the same lenses so the question is about the body only.

Thanks for all.


mjunge 03-09-2006 09:54 PM

Re: Olympus E system

I own a E-300. In my opinion the E1 is the better choice, but I think the E-500 is a little more flexible with the built in flash.
If you don't need a flash or if your willing to carry a external flash around the E1 is the better choice. It's more sturdy.

I can recommend the E-300 as well.

Go for a double zoom set 14-15 / 40-150.

Best regards


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